A-LEVEL Student destined to do Architecture:

Thanks John - I got the A’s in Maths I need for my course! What I appreciated in your teaching was the way you made the subject practical and so much easier to understand……

GCSE Student destined for Technical trades:

...all good I am pleased to say. He was given a 4 so he passed and he only needed a 4 in maths for his course. I know he wasn’t the easiest or the most enthusiastic pupil you’ve ever had the pleasure of - so thanks for everything…..

B.Sc. Fire Engineering student:

When I opened that exam paper I knew I would pass! Not bad for a boy who didn’t pass his GCSE maths back in 1985. I appreciate all the work you put in to help me make this great leap…..

Mature Student at the end of her Nursing Degree:

Well, well - now I understand those decimal points and fractions you helped me laugh about. So different to the teachers I had when I was a kid who just made me feel nervous an scared….