• Fees: This ranges between £20 and £35 depending on the course, and is payable in advance. Travelling expenses to pupils are charged for at the same rate.

  • Location: I prefer to teach at my home, which is well resourced with all the practical requirements, but am prepared to journey to pupil’s homes.

  • Purchase of extra resources: From time to time it may be useful or necessary for pupils to buy extra textbooks or other resources,

  • Missed lessons: Students make much better progress if they attend regularly. However, lessons will need to be missed occasionly for a variety of reasons, and can usually be re-scheduled if necessary. I do request that I am given at least 24 hours notice of a missed lesson. A missed lesson without this notice will incur the full fee.

  • Cooperation with other teachers/lecturers: In most cases it is beneficial to complement the approach that is used by other teachers/lecturers the student may have.

  • Teaching approach: I tailor sessions to a student’s particular needs. The advantage of individual tuition is that I can use a variety of teaching styles and I hope that students will happily do the ‘homework’ I set.